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1993 Benetton Advertisement "AIDS Campaign" - Original Vintage Poster

1993 Benetton Advertisement "AIDS Campaign" - Original Vintage Poster

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This scary advertisement is was one of many in the ad campaign launched by Benetton in February 1992. The ad showed the terrifying sight of a body devastated by HIV virus.

The ad shows, a way to denounce the dangers of AIDS and a means of continuing the battle against the terrible disease. The person is marked with the letters HIV Positive and are thus a metaphors for the more extensive branding practiced throughout society towards those who are different. The image is clearly represents the main channels of the transmission of HIV virus.

These advertisements were very provoking and controversial during that time as the pictures often reflected issues as racism, human rights and pollution. Some advertisements even had pictures of people dying of AIDS and people from the "Death Row".


Artist: Olivero Toscani

Print: Offset lithography

Dimensions: 11.6 x 16.5 in (29.5 x 42 cm)

Country: Italy

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REF: L4009

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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