The story behind the shop

Greetings, lovely folks! My name is Morten and I wear all the hats in this shop.

First and foremost, I'm the shop owner of the fabulous online emporium, "Out of Copenhagen." But that's not all! I'm also a proud father, an awesome husband, and, brace yourselves, an unapologetic original poster enthusiast/nerd. Yep, you heard that right - my heart beats for those vintage beauties!

Let me take you on a little journey through my life in the Nordic kingdom of Denmark. Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Copenhagen, I couldn't be happier to call this place home sweet home.

Starting the shop:

My love affair with vintage posters. Picture this: 2013, I'm knee-deep in writing my thesis on Urban Design. But amidst the sea of urban theories and science methods, I had a classic case of procrastination. Can you blame me? In my tiny apartment, I looked around and thought, "Hey, these walls could use an upgrade!"

And that's when I stumbled upon the enchanting world of vintage posters! They called to me with their timeless charm and undeniable authenticity. Being a history nerd and a design connoisseur, I instantly fell head over heels for those originals.

My obsession took over! Soon, my apartment resembled a poster gallery (that's what I thought). I had to part ways with some of my precious finds, and let me tell you, it felt like saying goodbye to old friends. That's when the idea hit me like a vintage poster treasure - why not share my passion with the world?

So, after graduating with flying colors, I decided to turn my infatuation into a full-blown vintage poster shop. And voilà, "Out of Copenhagen" was born!

How it works:

I pour my heart and soul into each poster, curating a collection that captures history, authenticity, and a kaleidoscope of colors from the past. You see, these posters aren't just pieces of paper; they hold stories, memories, and the essence of bygone eras.

I love researching the backstory of each poster, unearthing fascinating tales, and weaving them into delightful short stories for you to enjoy. And believe me, there's always something enchanting to discover!

So, my fellow vintage poster aficionados, welcome to my whimsical world of this little shop! Take a stroll through time, let nostalgia be your guide, and embrace the allure of these treasured gems. Thank you for joining me on this delightful adventure!

Trying to work :)  Poster waiting to be listed. A lot of work ahead!