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1985 Tuborg Beer Advertisement (Five-pin Billiards) - Original Vintage Poster

1985 Tuborg Beer Advertisement (Five-pin Billiards) - Original Vintage Poster

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"What makes.. the life slightly more green?" - Clearly Tuborg Beer has the answer for that.

A game of classical five-pin billard is ready to start (with a Tuborg on the side of cause). How do we know what kind of beer it is? Tuborg beer had and has been for a long time been advertised as being "the green beer" and the silhouette of the beer on the poster leaves no connoisseurs in doubt.

In the 1980s Tuborg launched a series of advertisements with a very clear and green message. It was during the heydays of Greenpeace and the environment was widely discussed theme in the shadows of several oil crisis. At the same time in Denmark and across the world in the advertisement field it was quite popular to make commercials with a kind of a riddle in it. If you where advertising a chocolate bar, a very obvious line in the 1980s could be: "when was the last time you had a great chocolate bar?".

Danish billiards or "Keglebillard", sometimes called Danish five-pin billiards, is the traditional cue sport of Denmark, and the game remains predominantly played in that country. It makes use of a 5 × 10 ft (1.5 × 3 m) six-pocket table, three billiard balls, and five pins (on the poster the pins are replaced by Carlsberg bottles), which are considerably larger than those used in the internationally standardized (originally Italian) game of five-pin billiards.

The aim of the game is to achieve a predetermined number of points in as few shots as possible. The game is played with one red ball and two white balls. In an inversion of the normal play in most three-ball games, the red ball is used as a cue ball by both players, with the whites as the object balls. There are two ways to score points. One is by knocking over one or more of the pins, for 2 points each, with a white object ball after hitting the white with the red cue ball (i.e. a combination ball-to-pin shot). The other is by making "red", that is to have the cue ball hit both object balls, which gives 4 points. It is a foul if the cue ball topples a pin. It is a foul if the cue ball leaves the table, whether by a pocket or over the edge. A white ball that leaves the table is just returned. The second consecutive shot where red is not made and no ball touches a cushion is a foul. The third consecutive shot where no pin falls is a foul. The only effect of a foul is that the shot counts 0, ending the player's turn at the table.


Artist: Peter Wibroe

Print: Serigraph (Print by Hald Serigrafi)

Dimensions: 16.5 x 23.4 in (42 x 59.5 cm)

Condition: Very good condition - light handling signs - please see pictures.

Country: Denmark

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: L5910

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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