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1982 Copenhagen Zoo Panther - Original Vintage Poster

1982 Copenhagen Zoo Panther - Original Vintage Poster

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Such an adorable portrait of a thoughtful panther in its own thoughts.

The poster was designed to encourage people to visit Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. This poster has aurally a sad story to it. This story might not help me to sell this poster but here it is.

In 1982 the manager of Copenhagen Zoo asked the Danish artist Uffe Christoffersen to make a poster for the zoo. The manager wanted to the panther to as motif as it was the only panther in the zoo. When Christoffersen came to show his painting with the panther (for the poster) in zoo, he could instantly feel that something was wrong. Apparently a zookeeper forgot to close a gate separating the lonely panther from the tigers. The panther was killed instantly and the story was in the news and did not make the zoo very popular. At that time, the poster was already printed so the manager decided to wait two years before publishing the poster. And here it is. A very special poster with a special story.

Uffe Christoffersen's works are especially known for his new-expressionist style and his prime inspiration - big cats such as tigers, lions and panthers.

Copenhagen Zoo open its doors to the public in 1859 which makes it one of Europe's oldest zoos. Today Copenhagen Zoo has around 1,2 million visitors a year and featuring 3000 animals spread over 264 species.


Artist: Uffe Christoffersen

Print: Offset lithography (print by Permild & Rosengreen)

Dimensions: 23.8 x 33.5 in (60.5 x 85 cm)

Condition: Excellent condition - very light handling signs (if any) - please see pictures.

Country: Denmark

Thanks a lot for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: L2516

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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