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1960 SAS Airlines Poster (Alberto Santos-Dumont) - Original Vintage Poster

1960 SAS Airlines Poster (Alberto Santos-Dumont) - Original Vintage Poster

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This rare and colorful beauty of a poster was originally intended to be a part of the SAS calendar of 1960 with the theme "early aviation of the world" by the famous Danish artist Otto Nielsen. All together there are 12 different motifs from the calendar and this is one of them:

The poster shows Alberto Santos-Dumont in his "14 Bis" over Brazil in 1908.

I got this item from a former pilot who worked in Scandinavian Airlines Systems in Karup, Denmark for 40 years and he told me that this item never has been up for sale before. There is only a few copies of these posters as they are surplus from the production of the SAS calendar from 1961. The surplus production posters was locked up in boxes in the basement in Karup airport where the pilot used to work. This poster was meant to be attached to a fold-out calendar . Other copies of these posters are thus attached together as in a regular calendar which means that there are 12 different pictures in the whole collection of the "calendar". Some I have many of and some I only have one of - so please act quick if you want a complete collection of 12 posters.

Since the posters come as individuals and not in calendar, they are much more beautiful (no waste of paper for the calendar dates) and easier to frame and hang on the wall. The posters is in good condition (varies form poster to poster - there might be some very small folds in the corners but I will pick the best ones first). The posters comes in a great thick paper quality which measures 10.4 x 14.7 in in (26.3 x 37.3 cm). The poster will be shipped in a big bubble envelope.

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is was made to be a part of a fold-out calendar in different languages (Danish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and English) which means the backside of the poster contains information about the following page in the calendar (in a random language as the posters a production surplus items.

You can ask me for specific language and I will try to find it if possible). The posters therefore comes with info on the back which refers to the next "page" and NOT info on what is actually on the front of the poster. See pictures for more details.

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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