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1950s Tuborg Beer Commercial "The Thirsty Man" - Original Vintage Poster

1950s Tuborg Beer Commercial "The Thirsty Man" - Original Vintage Poster

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This is a poster classic among beer commercial enthusiasts and you will find it hard to find an exact copy of this poster. It has to due with the typing (and position of it), the colors, the size and the printing company. Furthermore the poster still has the outlines (it has not been cut out yet) and that the poster is in English. Normally the "Tuborg Beer" would be "Tuborg Øl" (Danish). Maybe the poster is even a sample that was not meant to be printed - but I am not an expert.

The posters was found a storeroom in ceiling in Copenhagen which previously belonged to a screen printer who had lived there in the 1950s. I tried to investigate the exact year of this print and went to an auction house in Copenhagen to find out more and the year of the prints was estimated to be in the 1950s. You can see that by the typing of the letters, the printing type, the printing of Winther & Winther a/s and below the signature in the bottom right corner of the poster.

"The Tuborg Man poster" ("Den tørstige mand") was created by the Danish artist Erik Henningsen. In 1900, Henningsen entered his image in a contest. His illustration did not win but won the second price. However, someone at the Tuborg Brewery later that year, saw the illustration and soon after Henningsen’s once forgotten contest entry went on to become one of the most popular Danish advertising images well over 100 years.

You have seen it all: A tired, disheveled yet well-dressed man standing along a country road on a hot summer day, mopping his head with his handkerchief. What does he need the most? At the bottom in dark chrism lettering are the words ‘Tuborg Øl’ (Tuborg beer). The simple message was: whatever the man has gone through (or is going through) he surely needs (or wants) a Tuborg beer. It remained so popular that even after Tuborg Beer was acquired in 1970 by Carlsberg, this Tuborg Man is still used today.

The style of the poster is a mixture of jugend and art nouveau. In the right bottom corner is the signature of the artist and below you find the printer "Winther & Winther a/s". It will be shipped folded and protected in a tube.

This is a great poster would be cool to have anywhere form a stylish bar to the high class pool room or to pimp up any wanted surroundings.


Artist: Erik Henningsen

Print: Offset lithography (print by Winther & Winther)

Dimensions: 24 x 33.3 in (61 x 84.5 cm)

Condition: Very good condition - minor signs of handling - please see pictures

Country: Denmark

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: L4006

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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