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1950s Denmark Travel poster - Citadel of Fredericia - Original Vintage Poster

1950s Denmark Travel poster - Citadel of Fredericia - Original Vintage Poster

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This is an original vintage poster - NOT a reproduction.

Guaranteed happiness or money back :)

24.4 x 33.5 in (62 x 85 cm) - Offset lithography

Great condition - very light handling signs. Please see pictures.



- Airmail with tracking ID.

- The poster is shipped rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.

- The poster is wrapped in paper inside the tube to prevent the poster from sliding back and forth during shipping.

- Multiple posters can safely be shipped in the same tube - NO EXTRA COSTS.

- VERY FAST SHIPPING! Most orders is shipped within 24 hours.
App. shipping time USA: 9-12 days/Europe: 6-8 days/World: 12-16.


Further reading:

The city of Fredericia was founded as a military fortress which is still exist today. The city's streets are perpendicular to each other (north-south and east-west) and the Fredericia center is still surrounded by one of Northern Europe's best preserved ramparts from the 1600s.

The name of the new fortress was given "Frederiksodde" by Frederick the 3rd of Denmark but as Latin came into fashion the citadel got its current Latinized name, Fredericia.

The fortress has mainly played a strategic preventive role due to its strategic location on the narrow part between Danish mainland of Jutland and the second largest island, Fynen. But in 1849 the peace came to an end with "The Battle of Fredericia". The battle was fought between soldiers of Schleswig-Holstein (two Danish-controlled principalities that rebelled) together with several at German states and Denmark. The battle is known as the "First Schleswig War".

The Danes was outnumbered more than 2: 1 and after the battle the Danish side had about more 500 dead or wounded than the enemy. Dispite the losses Denmark was victorious and as a result of battle, a cease-fire was declared and all German troops had left Denmark.

The statue on the poster consists of a cast bronze statue of a heavy granite base, flanked by six small guns also in bronze. The monument was erected in memory of the "country soldiers" in The First Schleswig War. It was created by Herman Wilhelm Bissen and raised in 1858. The monument which is known as "The Country Soldier" is the first monument in the world ever to be raised in honer of the common soldier.

Please note: There is another version available with the text "Danmark" (Denmark) in the bottom of the poster.

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: 01TR03/L5203

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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