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1950 Steam Locomotive by Aage Rasmussen for Danish State Rails - Original Vintage Poster

1950 Steam Locomotive by Aage Rasmussen for Danish State Rails - Original Vintage Poster

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This epic poster is was created by the Danish artist Aage Rasmussen for the Danish State Rails (DSB) in 1950.

The poster displays a straightforward and effective steam locomotive, speeding out from a yellow mist and emitting a plume of steam - lettering in dark blue against a blue-gray sky.

I found out that the steam locomotive on the picture is a so-called "S machine" or "Litra S" and it was primarily acquired for the North Zealand local traffic on the Coast Line and the North Line north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The first two S-machines were delivered to the DSB by the German locomotive factory Borsig in 1924. The other 18 units was built in Frichs locomotive factory in Aarhus, Denmark.

The S machine was a tender locomotive, and was specifically purchased to serve local traffic to and from Copenhagen . Since there was relatively short distances , there was no need for a tender (a coal wagon). The S-machine was designed to run just as fast forwards as backwards, and it gave the advantage that there was no need to turn the engine on a turntable .

The S machine has 3 cylinders and wights 98 tons with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The maximum train weight is 350 tons of passengers wagons and up to 700 tonnes of freight wagons. Two S machines are preserved today, the S 736 and S 740 which is to be found in the DSB Museum north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The poster is designed by the Danish artist Aage Rasmussen (1913-75) which is world famous for his iconic lithographic posters for DSB in the 1930s and 1950s. Rasmussen experienced in many ways its heyday early in his career , as the years 1937-38 also gave him international praise with a prize of honor at the World Exhibition in Paris. Rasmussen got his breakthrough in 1937 when he proposed a poster for DSB know as the high-speed train (Lyntogsplakaten) which is also available in my collection. You can find his signature along with the date of creation in the corner of the poster.

The poster was made in German, French, English and Danish versions. This one here is the rarer French version.

Very bright colors and great late Art Deco style which Rasmussen is famous for.


Artist: Aage Rasmussen (signed and dated in print)

Print: Lithographic poster (print by Andreasen & Lachmann)

Dimensions: 24.2 x 39 in (61.5 x 99.5 cm)

Condition: Good condition - very light handling signs, a little wear/tiny tears on the white outline and a few light ceases scattered around the image - please see pictures. The poster will look great when framed which also will cover most of the imperfections. Furthermore, the poster is easy to conserve.

Country: Denmark/Danish

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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