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1948 Maritime and Commercial Museum in Kronborg - Original Vintage Poster

1948 Maritime and Commercial Museum in Kronborg - Original Vintage Poster

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Sailors looks to the horizon with weather-beaten faces. Marked by the hard life at sea, tired after many miles offshore they are now a part of the naval history.

The poster is an advertisement for The Maritime and Commercial Museum of Kronborg (today "M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark"). What is different from this poster than other navel museum posters is that the artist is not trying to glorify the life at sea. The poster displays common crew members and tells us that life on a 1800th ship could be harsh and rough.

The museum is located within the grounds of the 1500th century castle called "Kronborg" in Elsinore (Helsingør), Denmark. People who are familiar with Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" will also know Kronborg as the main location for the play.

This great poster was created by the legendary Danish poster artist Aage Sikker Hansen (1897-1955). Sikker Hansen created some of the most iconic posters in Danish poster history like the Cirkel Coffee Posters. His posters where often portraits or people often using only pencil and charcoal which makes his images quite detail rich with many textures and shades. This poster is definitely true to his legacy.

Artist: Aage Sikker Hansen (signed and dated in print)

Print: Lithography (print by Permild & Rosengreen)

Dimensions: 24 x 37.8 in (61 x 96 cm)

Condition: Very good condition - minor signs of handling and a bit of foxing in the lower left corner - please see pictures.

Country: Denmark

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: L7101

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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