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1950s Anti-rat Campaign Poster by Engholm - Original Vintage Poster

1950s Anti-rat Campaign Poster by Engholm - Original Vintage Poster

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This is probably the cutest anti-rat poster you will ever find!

The text on the poster says: Beware - 2 turns in 1000 within a year.

The text in the bottom says: If you see rats on your property. Contact your local municipal office.

With the adoption of the so called "Rat Act of 1938" in Denmark, the combat against rats by local authorities was systematized. In 1940/41 a new alternative poison to control rats was approved - chopped and boiled onions added smoked herring and flour. The poison had to mixed in the right quantities and chopped in a specific and certain ratio before it had any effect. Then the poison was packed in portions and ready for use. Making the poison required quite a lot of working hours and was thus very costly so that method of making poison was abandoned again. Then the government began to make a national poster campaign which is how this poster was born.

This poster is quite a thing to decorate your walls with and I am sure that every visitor in the future home of this poster will have an opinion about this magnificent piece of history.


Artist: Engholm (signed in print)

Print: Lithography

Dimensions: 24.4 x 33.5 in (62 x 85 cm)

Condition: Very good condition - light signs of handling and some very light wear and tiny tears on the edges - please see pictures.

Country: Denmark

REF: L2002

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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