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1948 Swedish Workers Party - Original Vintage Poster

1948 Swedish Workers Party - Original Vintage Poster

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A great political poster from the Swedish Worker's Party (Social Democratic Party) telling you what would happen if "the capital" was in supreme power!

The poster displays a female and male worker probably on their way to work when they come across a huge sign. The text on the sign can be translated into: "Higher rents. Higher interest rates. Higher prices. Lower wages. Lower social standards. Less construction". A truly devastating signs for the workers who might aswell will vote with the Worker's Party. You can even see how dark and overwhelming the signs is as its casts its shadow on the path of the unknowing couple.

This is a very nice historical vintage poster with stunning graphical design worthy of its period with a clear reference to an ideology. Something which is more blurred nowadays.


Artist: Unknown

Print: Lithography (Print by Ivar Hæggströms Lito, Stockholm)

Dimensions: 27.6 x 49.4 in (70 x 100 cm)

Condition: Good condition - handling/folding signs, small stains, ceases and minor paper loss on the edges - please see pictures. Some of its imperfection can might hidden with a frame.

Country: Sweden

Thanks for watching and please let me know if you have any questions.

REF: 22HP02

Materials: Original Vintage Poster

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