There is a history behind each poster

An original vintage poster is much more than just a poster. It is a piece of history, a time machine and an understanding of our common history. I believe this history should be revealed and be available to everyone which is interested in poster anecdotes. By revealing the history, each poster comes to life and provides it with its righteous soul, which bring forth an unparalleled atmosphere, which seeps out from every vintage poster.

This is why I spend a great deal of time to uncover the history of the posters. I use the internet, poster books and my poster network to help with every fact so the history is as accurate, relevant and rich as possible. 
Of course, this research and writing process is quite time consuming and contains many dead ends, as much information is not accessible or has been lost in history. However, I try the best as I can with each poster.

You are very welcome to add or correct the poster stories. You are also very welcome to be inspired and share the stories from this website but kindly link or give credit. Thanks a lot.

The Pictures

Where the words ends – the pictures begins. Some say that “a picture say more than 1000 words” and this is why I provide pictures of every single imperfection and aging of the posters. I do it as good as I can and I never intentionally “over grade” a posters and I would never miss any details on purpose to make the poster look better. However, I am only human and this is why I offer 14 days return policy if you are not satisfied with your poster.

I aim to be the most honest vintage poster dealer online. As my posters is only accessible online to most viewers, it can be difficult to imagine how a given poster looks like in reality. I use a 13-megapixel and try to shoot only using natural daylight but the light is changing quite a bit in the North and sometime the colors can vary from day to day. It can also be difficult to see the exact condition of a given poster. This is why I highlight as many as the imperfections of the poster as good and thorough as possible.

Condition and Grading System

After dealing with many different poster sellers from around the world I quickly realized that, the grading system (the system with A+ or C- etc.) was not a very accurate approach. I have brought posters from various places who graded posters using letters and unfortunately, I have been disappointed – quite a few times.

You probably remember when you handed in an essay in school, the teacher would return your essay with the feedback, and the only comment would be a letter or a number. I will not argue that this method is bad but I believe that feedback (as well as a posters condition) could be much more complete and satisfying and this is why I use a describing method.

This is why I made a system where the condition of a given poster is simply described in words. I believe a description in words gives a much more accomplishing and complete picture about the condition of the poster. In addition, if the words does not reveal the full condition, the thorough photos of the posters should do the work.

You are very welcome to contact me if you have questions about the condition of a specific poster.