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My name is Morten and I run the entire machinery in the online vintage postershop - Out of Copehagen.

I was born, raised and still happily living in Copenhagen in the Nordic kingdom of Denmark.

The vintage poster project came to me a as classic procrastination when I wrote my thesis in Urban Design in 2013. Sitting in my small apartment, buried in urban theories, methods of science and a pile of qualitative interviews, I started to notice that my surroundings could use an upgrade. As I scouted the web for posters, I became aware of the great world of vintage poster. The vintage posters seemed much more appealing to me than contemporary posters.

Probably because of my brainwashed taste with that Danish sense of quality and design, I wanted the originals, as I am not the kind of person who would wear something like a fake Lacoste. It just does not feel right to me.

Being a kind of a history nerd who also cares about originality as well as uniqueness, the vintage posters really appeal me. As I spend an increasingly amount of time and money I quickly realized that I did not have room for all of my posters. I needed to get rid of some of the posters and so I did. Only to buy even more posters. As I care deeply for “my” posters, I tell you, the first few sold posters felt like a knife in my heart. I believe I am getting better at that.

Anyway, when I handed in my thesis and graduated, I realized that having a vintage posters shop could be fun. I am passionate about the posters and every time I get new in stock I try to find as much information as possible on every single poster. In addition, I like to share my poster research with you which comes out as short stories on each poster. I hope you will enjoy reading about the histories of the posters.

So here I am. Welcome to my Original Vintage Poster Shop!